Hello, i am currently writing a book about modern day pirates that will be fiction. I want it to be as realistic as possible. The story line is that some pirates manage to capture and take control over a ship that is owned by the United States government, and everyone on the ship works for the United States government.

The pirates do not want a plane to drop the money to them on the ship, which is the current method where pirates have bags full of cash dropped out of a plane, and have the people dropping the money attach parachutes to them, that way the bags of money land on deck, and they take the money, and then go back to their boats. They feel that this method is to unsafe for them.

The pirates want to set up a bank account overseas which they could have the ransom money wired to.

I was wondering if someone here could help me with some details that way i can see if this part of the story line is possible or not.

My question is, what country could the pirates set up an overseas bank account in which they could have the ransom money wired to the bank account from the United States government, and the country which the bank account is hosted in the government of that country will not help in an investigation or will try to stop the hijacking of the ship, or will try to freeze or watch the bank accounts, and the pirates could later on go to that country to withdraw their money?

Thank you.